Blueberries, moreover…

Another day dawns. In the stifling heat, cicadas sing their mournful tune alerting all to summer’s fate. But, bursting with joy and flavor are still more delectable blueberries…waiting for me to seal their fate.  The familiar cast of characters take the stage…jars and rings – stainless steel pot and extra-large measuring cups.

Lime zest from a small lime – two tablespoons of vodka – one tablespoon of fresh lime juice – one-half teaspoon of coriander, all come together to create this refreshing jam.



The recipe comes from Saving the Season (  and couldn’t be easier. I did macerate the berries in the sugar to start and pulped them by hand to avoid the initial heating step.  The yield was four 4oz. jars, two 8oz jars and a full jam pot.  Pretty impressive for such little work.

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2 Responses to Blueberries, moreover…

  1. janet j says:

    Again…. I can smell the sweetness! Blueberries are my favorite! And I can hear the cicadas. They are early this year!

  2. Oh, me oh MY. Now that looks so good, I’d eat it right out of the pot!!!! Beautiful post from beautiful YOU!

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