Let there be greens…

Wisconsin in the Spring is a wonderous thing – full of fat robins, tulips gently pushing their way into bloom, kids outside playing in the crisp air…but not in March…and not over eighty degrees.

And, so…it’s March…in Wisconsin…and it’s over eighty degrees…and I’ve been pulling weeds…in shorts. I can honestly say that I’ve never, ever (ever ever ever) worn shorts and pulled weeds over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It’s been a very unusual winter (and now spring) here in Wisconsin and it’s probably only going to get more interesting if mother nature has her way. And, with that in mind…I’ve started the garden.

The garden is six, very handmade, 4×8 beds that my dad and I made last year…very late in the year. Most of my seedlings that I started died a sad and lonely death because the beds weren’t in (and done) yet. Chalk it up to a first year ‘gardener’ that was winging it. This year we decided to wing it just a little bit less. The seeds have been ordered with the last frost date in mind and will be started soon – despite the overly warm temperatures now.

But, I digress…back to the greens. So, on Sunday, I planted: red salad bowl, seed savers mix (both cutting lettuce), tennis ball and red leprechaun (both head lettuce), renegade and samish spinach and dwarf grey sugar peas. I’m beyond excited because my gardening style (such that it is) is very much of the mindset ‘we’ll see’…I’m not going to be upset if something doesn’t come up…I’m more excited IF something comes up!

So…we’ll see.

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