Hello world!

Inspired by my millions (quite possibly), dragged kicking and screaming by one, I started canning last year.  To say that I was bit by the canning bug might be an understatement – chewed on by a nest of mosquitos might be more apt. Previously, nothing said botulism to me like a jar of canned whathaveyou…well, not anymore.

My first foray into the formidable world of canning was with peaches and raspberries, fresh from our CSA share. We (the ONE and I) went shopping for jars and a cookbook (THE cookbook)…and planned a canning date. I rounded up the things I needed, grabbed my fruit (and my husband) and took off with dreams of drunken peaches (aka peaches with vodka), raspberry jam and a mixed-fruit jam.  Hours and jam burns later…I was drained, and hooked on canning.

The summer of 2010 passed with more canning dates, a Craig’s List find from a UW professor selling fourteen boxes of jars (about twenty-some dozen), a water-bath and a hooch jug (his words, not mine) – pickles and salsas…and an obsession for this resurgent process.  Canning has seen a come-back from the 20-30 somethings that long for: the way it was, the way it should be, the way it could be, the sustainable way…you name it, people are back to canning in droves.

And, so this canning season begins, with rhubarb…and a blog.  The blogging will suck – run-on sentences, lots of commas, and sporadic thoughts. The photos will be blurry, the recipes from books and the reviews, non-existent.  But, it’s mine – a place to document my canning trials – like it or not!

So, hello world of blogging and canning…my you both succeed.

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